Spot Reno



About us

Spot Architectural Sales inc. was established in 2003 and uses the SpotReno brand since 2011. The company started as a sales agency for building products specified by landscape architects, the company gradually moved into installing its products then into full renovation work. In 2011, Spot Installation enr. was registered and was awarded an RBQ license in 2012 so as to take on roof and masonry projects.

It’s founder, Pascal Beaudoin has been marketing technical products ever since graduating with a B.Comm. from McGill University in the early 1990s. He’s slowly got involved in sales but never like the wheeling and dealing end of it. He prefers grasping customers needs and advising them how to best meet them, whether through his services or through others.

Albeit he has taken several construction related courses, learned about building LEED certified homes through a stint with and even completed a diploma in Building Inspection, he joins forces with seasoned tradesman to get the job done.

Due to his multi-lingual background and sojourns abroad, you will come to notice that he enjoys working with immigrants who need to be given a chance to integrate the workforce. Customers gain from this preference, because even though their diplomas or work experience are not recognized, they are often very skilled, dependable and keen to impress.