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Costing & Management

Details, details, details. They cost more up front but you will save money and grief in the long run.

We know so first hand, because we had an engineer advise us before having our home’s basement excavated. He observed that it was dry, so did not specify to install any drainage pipes even if we were dropping the concrete pad by 16” and that house rested on clay. Low and behold, the spring thaw came and we had 6” of water. His response was that it was not his problem and we had to get compensation through the courts.

So we look at details, when we estimate and manage a project. It does not guaranty, that surprises won’t crop up, but you can be assured that we will stand behind our work.

Here are a few project summaries that show that we pay attention to details because we care.

We were asked to supply a new rubber play surface at a private home in Côte St-Luc . On the onset, we made sure that the gravel base to be built would have the proper drainage. What’s the point of having a safety surface, when its so wet that it become muddy in summer and dangerously hard in winter.

On all our steel railing projects, we insist that they be hot dip galvanized and polyester powder coated. Railings that we refurbish get the same treatment after they are thoroughly sandblasted. Why do we go through these extra steps, because we do not want you to have to prep and paint the railing every five years.

When we build walk-in showers. We build-in moisture protection so you do not have to ever worry about costly leaks. To that end, we supply Kerdi membrane to seal all the expose surface so that water does not cause any damages should the tiles ever fail.